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The Winning recipe for a circular economy, , examples inspiration case-studiesexamples inspiration
Fixing the economy to fix climate change, , climate emfglobal solutions
Creatives in the Circular Economy, advertising marketing functionsvideo
Circularity Weekly – Greenbiz, , circular-economy news publicationsnewsletter
Measuring Circular Economy Implementation and Performance through, , indicators measurement metricskpis
Researchers use AI to reduce carbon capture energy consumption by a thirdtechnology sectorai
Cradle to Cradle Institute, , , cradle-to-cradle design-guide product designcradle-to-cradle video
Circular Economy: The Beauty of Circularity in Value Chain, value-chainframework sustainability
Circular Business Model Design, , , business-models design-guide designbusiness-models design tools
SAP: Interview with Darren West, business technology sectorsoftware
A circular economy for buildings: Arupbusiness sectoremf
Governing the Trade of Secondary Materials, materialglobal plastic
Keeping clothing in use to reduce waste: thredUP, , example fashion case-studies sectoremf example
How to use global trade for a just circular transitionglobal
The importance of design: DS Smith, , business design sectordesign emf
Simulation to Enable a Data-Driven Circular Economy, , digital manufacturing technology functions sectorinternet-of-things
2023 in review: A year exploring the circular economy, , cross-sector examples podcasts sector case-studies mediapodcasts
Growth within: a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe, , cities finance food sectoremf
Developing regenerative chemistry: Solvay, , , business chemicals chemistry sector materialchemicals emf
Leveraging a Circular Economy to Fast-track the SDGs, , circular-economy sustainabilitycanada sdgs
Dissolvable stitches that improve clothing recycling, fashion-textile recycling sectormaterials
The Regenerative Role of Older People in a Circular Economy, education people sectorintensify-use
Managing a complex global circular economy business model – the example of Ricoh, , business-models manufacturing sectorbusiness-models example
Toxin-free, recyclable clothing: Napapijri Circular Series, , , design fashion sectordesign emf fashion
Big Food Redesign Challenge, , food sectorcollaboration community design
Regenerative agriculture around São Paulo: Connect the Dots, , , case-study cities food case-studies sectoremf regenerative-agriculture
Towards the circular economy Vol. 1: an economic and business rationale for an accelerated transition, business finance sectoremf
Profitable and resilient farming through grassland restoration: Winona Farm, , biodiversity food sectoremf example
Circular Design Guide, , , design toolsmindset resources strategies
Accelerating the transition towards a net zero NHS, , health resources sectorexeter-university philips
The online platform for scaling reuse: Trove, fashion sectoremf resale
TED Talk: What if advertising was honest?, , , , advertising design marketing social sustainability functionschange
Speeding Up the Circular Economy Transition in Latin America Through the Internet of Thingsglobal
A journey to becoming 100% circular and climate positive: H&M Group, fashion sectorclimate emf
Outside the Safe Operating Space of the Planetary Boundary for Novel Entities, , , , chemicals climate global pollution sectorpaper research
Policy Resources, , , cross-sector emf policy policy-and-regulation sectorgoals
Towards a global plastics treaty, , plastic materialglobal policy-and-regulation regenerate-nature
A circular shift in the food system can help to avert the triple planetary crisisfood sectorfarming-agriculture
Value creation and value capture: a multi-level perspectivevaluemanagement
Cradle to Cradle carpets for city buildings: San Francisco, cities sectorcradle-to-cradle emf
Regenerative ocean farming: GreenWave, , biodiversity food sectoremf examples
Designing food products to tackle climate change: Nestlé, business sectoremf food
Manteco, fashion-textile sectorfabric wool
Circle Economy Resources, circular-economypublications resources
Circular economy action plan, , , , , , , , , action-plan circular-economy eu european-green-dealchemicals industry plastics recycling sustainable-development textiles waste
Delivering the circular economy: a toolkit for policymakers, emf policy policy-and-regulationemf
Towards the circular economy Vol. 3: Accelerating the scale-up across global supply chains, business plastics sectoremf
Circular Transition Indicators (CTI): Sector guidance – Fashion and Textile, , , fashion fashion-textile indicators strategy sector metricsguide
How can we create circular opportunities for energy access?global-south
A climate-smart fertiliser that serves each farm’s needs: CCm Technologies, , , climate food sectoragriculture emf waste
End-to-end business transformation: PepsiCo, business sectoremf pepsico
Building back better: Is green growth the answer?regenerate-natureglobal
The OECD Inventory of Circular Economy indicators, indicators measurement metricsmetrics
Circle Economy, , , business-models strategyexplainers nature society
Circular Cotton Cascade, , circular-economy cotton material fashion-textile sectortextiles
Re London: Report – London’s fashion footprint: An analysis of material flows, consumption-based emissions, and levers for climate action, , fashion sectorfootprint material-flows materials
How the Circular Economy Can Help Realize the Sustainable Development Goalspolicy-and-regulation
Increasing clothing use through subscription: Circos, fashion sectoremf subscription
Infinitdenim, fashion sectordenim recyling
Case Study: Translation and Adoption of CE into new sectors – NHS, , , cross-sector health re-use sectornhs report
The Circular Economy: A Users’ Guide, , circular-economy publicationsexplainers publications
How to Make Your Supply Chains More Circular, , , supply-chain value-chain functionsarticles circle-economy news
A New Dynamic: effective business in a circular economybusiness sectoremf
EMF Resources on Biodiversity, , biodiversity cross-sector farming sectorall
Transparency Standard – Biodiversity, , biodiversity value-chain sectorbenchmark standards
Circular Economy & Me: The Pros and Cons of Embracing Nuclear Energy, , chemistry energy material sectorblog ukri
Dissolvable cleaning tablets: Everdrop, , design plastics sectoremf plastics
How Google is Supporting the Circular Economy, , circular-economy digital functionsdigital google
Digital World 2050 Report, , digital manufacturing functions sectorfuture report
Design with Consciencedesignfurniture
Using blockchain to drive supply chain innovation – Deloitte, manufacturing technology sectorblockchain
Platirus: group metals Recovery Using Secondary raw materials, metals materialdesign production
A UN treaty to end plastic pollution, , plastics pollution sectoremf un
A future without plastic?plastic material
Circular Procurement in Europe: Handbook for local and regional governments, , , cross-sector education procurement public-organisations sector functionshandbook
The dubious climate gains of turning soil into a carbon sink, agriculture farming sectorregenerative-agriculture
Beyond Recycling: Reckoning with Plastics in a Circular Economy (March 2023), , , , plastics recycling supply-chain sector functionsdisposal recycling waste
Is the Circular Economy Illegal?, , policy policy-and-regulation waste sectorlegal
Built Environment Case Studies, , , , , , built-environment case-studies emf examples sectorcooling light reuse water
An open access, circular supply chain for t-shirts: Teemill, , example fashion case-studies sectoremf example
A regenerative supply chain alternative for palm oil: Serendipalm/Dr. Bronner’s, , biodiversity food sectoragriculture emf
Introducing 39 circular economy solutions to inspire the world, , inspiration solutions case-studiesinspiration solutions
Circular Economy Show Podcasts, , emf podcasts medianews podcasts
Circular Transition Indicators: Metrics for business, by business V4, , , , business indicators measurement metrics sectorframework wbcsd
How to finance the transition to a circular economyfinance-and-accounting sectorpolicy-and-regulation
Circular Value Creation: Lessons from the Capital Equipment Coalition, business value sector
Matchmaking companies to turn waste into profit: Cape Town, , , case-study cities policy case-studies sector policy-and-regulationemf manufacturing
Digitally accelerating the circular economy, , digital indicators technology functions metrics sectordata
From linear to circular: The Coca-Cola Companybusiness sectoremf
Circulate Online News, , , emf newsarticles emf news
Forward and reverse logistics for circular economy in construction: A systematic literature reviewlogistics functions
Headphones as a service: Gerrard Street, , designdesign emf technology
Working with nature to make food last longer: Apeel, , , business food sectoremf innovation plastics
Developing regenerative chemistry: Solvay, business sectorchemicals emf
How to run a profitable circular farm: one-acre farm, , biodiversity food sectoragriculture emf
Circular supply chains: the role of supply chain professionals in creating a circular economysupply-chain functions
Compostable Packaging, emf packaging functionscompostable
Creating trust in the sharing economy: Omocom, , case-study cross-sector sharing-economy case-studies sectorinsurance
A building that can be reused: Brummen Town Hall, , , business cities design sectorbuilt-environment emf
Circular Procurement in 8 steps, example procurement case-studies functionscircular-procurement
The Circular Cement Value Chain, , , built-environment technology value-chain sectorcement mckinsey
The Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbeanglobal
Telling the regenerative agriculture story: Danone, , , business food sectordanone emf regenerative-agriculture
Towards the circular economy Vol. 2: opportunities for the consumer goods sector, , business food plastic sector materialemf
How AI will accelerate the Circular Economy, digital technology functions sectorai
G20 Endorses a Circular Carbon Economy: But Do We Need It?renewable-energy sectorpolicy-and-regulation
Tackling the plastic pollution crisis: Unileverbusiness sectoremf
The Circularity Gap Report 2024, circular-economy resourcesreport
The cement that could turn your house into a giant battery, built-environment energy sectorcement
Creating a circular economy through AItechnology sectortechnology
Challenging Fast Fashion, , , circular-economy fashion sectormanufacturing pollution waste
Linear Lock-in: How can we break free, , , , , , , banking business emf finance sectorcement emf innovation inspiration policy-and-regulation
Valorising a costly waste stream: The City of Phoenix Clean Palm Program, cities sectoragriculture emf
Growth within: a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe, , cities finance food sectoremf
Voluntary initiatives to end plastic pollution aren’t enough: A global treaty is now needed, plastic plastics material sectoroecd
Creating Shared Value, business value sectorvalue-creation
Agrichemwhey, agriculture bio-economy sectorbio-refinery
Circular Logistics Explained, logistics supply-chain functions
Getting in the loop podcast, , circular-economy podcasts medianews podcasts
Digitally accelerating the circular economy, , digital sme strategy functionsdata
Farm by-products increase yields and sequesters carbon: Safi Organics, food sectoragriculture emf
Most interesting companies in the circular economy in Finland 2.1, , case-studies examplesexamples inspiration
Making circular business models more accessible to retailers and brands: Lizee, fashion sectoremf rental
Insects as part of a circular economy for food: Insectipro/Sanergy, food sectoragriculture emf
Carbstone: Circular building blocks without cement, built-environment design sectorcement
Universal circular economy policy goals, , , business cities cross-sector policy sector policy-and-regulationgovernment
Why social life cycle assessment (SLCA) has become an essential tool for forward-looking organisations, , lca social toolssocial tool
The Origin of Wealth: Evolution, complexity, and the radical remaking of economics, Eric D. Beinhocker (2006), Harvard Business School Presseconomicschange
Why buy light bulbs when you can buy light? Signifylight
Logistics in the Circular Economy: Challenges and Opportunitieslogistics functions
Delivering the circular economy: a toolkit for policymakers, emf policy policy-and-regulationemf
Making new products from urban organic waste streams: De Clique, , , business food sectoremf evs waste
Circular economy implementation in operations & supply chain management: Building a pathway to business transformation, , , , circular-economy innovation management supply-chain functionscircle-economy exeter-university
Olive stones to develop a new sustainable plastic material for oil packaging items, packaging functionsbio-degradable compostable
𝐒𝐔𝐒𝐑𝐄𝐆 𝐀𝐧𝐧𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐑𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭: 𝐀𝐧 𝐀𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐒𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐁𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐀𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬, , , , , , , banking business finance finance-and-accounting sustainability sectorarticles publications report wwf
What is the role of marketing in a circular economy? with Alena Kuzniatsova, advertising marketing functionspodcasts
A, B, C & D: Creating a regenerative circular economy for all., , books publicationsbooks publications
UN Environment: International Resource Panel, , resources unknowledge resources
Circular Agriculture at Small Scale: An Open Labagriculture sectorfarming
Transition: Financial futures For Construction and Real Estatematerialfinance-and-accounting
Redesigning medium-life bulky products from scratch: Niaga, , designdesign emf technology
Reusables Working Group, , , , cross-sector health plastic re-use sme sector materialrevolution-0
Platirus: group metals Recovery Using Secondary raw materials, metals materialdesign production
Green Futures Solutions, , business sectordecision-making solutions support
Developing the materials marketplace: Austin, cities sectoremf waste
Responsible management of resources, , , re-use recycling waste sectorelectrical electronics
Keeping the molecules and materials in use, , chemicals cross-sector sectorchemicals emf
Realizing value opportunities for a Circular Economy: Integrating Extended Value Stream Mapping and Value Uncaptured Frameworkvaluevalue-stream-mapping
The Performance Economy, business-models globalperformance-economy
Small Robot Company, , agriculture farming sectorrobotics technology
Sustainability isn’t values-driven anymore, , , sustainability valuedata leadership metrics
From concept to action: A global roadmap for an inclusive circular economy, , enablers interventionscollaboration roadmap
Trade, technology and a just circular transitiontechnology sectorglobal
Growth within: a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe, , cities finance food sectoremf
The power of the private sector: Walmartbusiness sectoremf
2023 in review: A year exploring the circular economy, , circular-economy design example case-studiesmultidisciplinary
Circular Agriculture at Small Scale: An Open Labagriculture sectorfarming
Dassault Systemes: interview-with-bastien-hillen, digital technology functions sectorsoftware
Enabling brands to capture value from unsellable inventory: The Renewal Workshop, , fashion sectoremf recycling upcycling
CE: Turning Point for Canada, policy public-organisations policy-and-regulation sectorimpact
Promoting a Just Transition to an Inclusive Circular Economy, global socialjust-transition
Revolution 0: Projects, case-study health case-studies sectorservices
Circular by 2025: H&M Group, business sectoremf fashion
Circular Economy Hub – Exeter, , case-studies education sectorexamples stories
Adaptive Strategy for Circular Desgin, designcollaboration systems
Closing the gap between circular economy projects and investors, finance funding sectorinvestment
Advancing the Circular Economy in Public Sector Organisations: Employees’ Perspectives on Practices, , people policy public-organisations policy-and-regulation sectoremployee-perspective
Business for Sufficiency, , , , business business-models cross-sector sustainability tools sectorsufficiency
Tackling electronic waste and digital poverty in Brazil: Belo Horizonte, , cities sectorelectronics emf waste
Creation Mythpublicationsnew-yorker
Building back better circular economy policies in South Asia, global policy-and-regulation
Making the right carbon storage investments means understanding the risks, energy sectordecarbonising slb
The #WearNext campaign: New York City, , , , cities design fashion sectoremf fashion waste
Collaborating to change local food systems: Milan, , , cities food sectoremf food policy
Rethinking finance in a circular economy, , business-models examples finance case-studies sectorbusiness-models
Circular Indicators Library, , , , , , , indicators metricscircle-economy education health inclusion jobs skills social
The EU’s Circular Economy transition for plastic and textiles: Opportunities and challenges for trade partners in emerging markets, , , , , material product sectorchallenges emerging-markets plastics textiles
A Good Disruption, Martin Stuchtey, , , disruption innovationenergy materials regeneration
Circular by 2025: H&M Group, business sectoremf fashion
A global peer-2-peer resale platform for designer fashion: Vestiaire Collective, fashion sectoremf example
A New Dynamic: effective business in a circular economybusiness sectoremf
Policy Approaches for Accelerating the Circular Economy in Africa, global policy-and-regulationplastic
The role of the circular economy in addressing the global biodiversity crisis, food system-design sector designmaterial
Eco Innovation, , , , , biodiversity business eu policy sector policy-and-regulationbiodiversity guide procurement
8 ways the circular economy will transform how business is done, business sectorbusiness-models transition
Circular economy procurement implementation plan and framework: Toronto, , cities sectoremf social waste
Circular Toolkits, , cross-sector inspiration tools sector case-studies
A New Dynamic: effective business in a circular economybusiness sectoremf
Using Computers to Reduce Carbon Emissions, case-study climate case-studiesresearch
Public Policy Taxonomy for a UK Circular Economy, , , , , circular-economy enablers innovation policy policy-and-regulationce-hub exeter
Dissolvable stitches that improve clothing recycling: Resortecs, , fashion sectoremf innovation recycling
Transitioning to a circular global textiles industry, fashion-textile sectorglobal material
Driving regenerative business: SAPbusiness sectoremf
An Adaptive Strategy for Circular Design, , , , business design emf sectordesign strategy systemic